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Why Quartz? (page 2)

While the surface hardness of quartz is higher than Pyrex, it is still much lower than silicon carbide grit. This means there is not a significant difference in grinding a rough curve. The softening point of quartz, however, is higher than that of Pyrex, so it will require more time and/or added pressure by increasing the weight on the polishing tool.

As with other substrates, a thin mirror blank of quartz is not the best choice if you are contemplating figuring your first mirror. However, if you have some experience grinding mirrors and want to make a high quality, lightweight mirror, quartz is your substrate of choice.  

Our standard blanks are cut to 1" thickness, but we accept custom orders for any thickness.  We can also generate rough spherical curves to your desired focal length! Pricing varies according to aperture and radii. Please contact us to request an estimate.